We are the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition, a dynamic group dedicated to fostering a resilient and sustainable local food system. Through collaboration and community engagement, we strive to enhance food security, promote agricultural diversity, and strengthen the connections between growers, producers, and consumers. Our efforts encompass education, advocacy, and practical initiatives that nurture a vibrant food culture while respecting the environment. Join us as we work together to create a healthier, more equitable food landscape for all in Creston Valley and beyond.

Farmers' Market

The best year-round farmers’ market in the heart of the Kootenays. Winner of the BCAFM’s 2016 Medium Sized Farmers’ Market of the Year.

Harvest Share

Harvest Share gleans unwanted fruit to help reduce conflict with bears and other wildlife, and shares it with the community.

Growing Fresh

Growing Fresh offers food security to families who are not able to grow their own food by providing space and training to grow vegetables.

Our Board

Amanda Goodman Lee

Amanda is the co-owner of Honey Bee Zen Apiaries and Swan Valley Honey in the Creston Valley. She is a Master Beekeeper and worked as a beekeeping technician for the University of B.C. on several research projects. She is a former advertising executive with PostMedia and is also a member of Women Leading The Way. Currently, Amanda is the Chair of the Food Action Coalition that takes care of the Farmer’s Market and Harvest Share for food recovery and is a Trustee of the Boone Hodgson Wilkinson Trust Fund that supports education regarding honeybees and to support apiculture research. In the summer if you don’t see her at the farmer’s market you will find her out in the field with her bees.

Wendy McNamar

Vice President
Wendy, originally from Saskatchewan, had strong ties to Creston through her family. Her husband, Dale, grew up on a Creston hobby farm. Both first-generation farmers, they began with cattle auctions and later built their own market after the 2011 Tarzwells abattoir construction. They now run a multi-species farm, raising animals for meat sales and growing crops. Wendy started at the local Farmers' Market in 2011 before the FAC took over from the Rotary. She co-owned and operated a poultry abattoir with Randy Meyer, serving locals and Kootenay residents. Wendy recognized Farmers' Markets' value in showcasing local foods and supporting vendors. The Farmers' Market was vital to Wendy and Dale's farm business. In 2018, Wendy volunteered for the CVFAC board, aiming to continue the work of the original FAC board in promoting local food security.

Jessica Piccinin

Board Director
Jessica’s grandmother started the Creston Farmers’ Market on her farm in Erickson in the 1990's before the Rotary took over and moved it to town. The FAC took over from there and Jessica has attended the Farmers’ Market with her own booth from 2008 - present. She was a previous FAC President in those earlier years as well. As a result, Jessica has been involved with the Farmers’ Market since she was a teen. In addition to growing up in agriculture, she has a background in finance, food distribution, and business start-up counseling. Jessica farms in Wynndel with her partner Jeff and two boys, and she is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur. Jessica strongly believes that #teamworkmakesthedreamwork and is dedicated to our local food sustainability. Jessica envisions the FAC continuing to grow with projects and initiatives in our valley.

Paul Dort

Director of HR
After retirement and relocating to the Creston Valley, Paul volunteered at the local Farmers’ Market and subsequently won the BC Farmers' Market Volunteer Of The Year Award in 2020. Eventually, he joined the FAC Board as the Human Resources Director. Paul is also active in other community organizations as both a volunteer and as a board member. Paul is an advocate for the CVFAC and the Farmers’ Market aligning to further promote Food Security through the Harvest Share Program, further supporting the community navigating the economy.

Kip Cantrell

Board Director
Kip and his wife run Thistle Farm, a 4 acre garlic and vegetable farm in Wynndel, just north of Creston. They have two kids, three years old and five years old, who have grown up with us as vendors at the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market. Kip has been working in agricultural production for more than fifteen years. He is passionate about local food and the small businesses that help make our town a great place to live.

Diana Klejne

Over the past decade Diana has built a very successful Real Estate business in the Greater Vancouver Area. One thing you will notice about Diana is that she is all about self-improvement, continuous learning, and has amazing attention to excellence. Diana is a natural relationship builder and is committed to upholding lifelong relationships. She brings with her an amazing work ethic, marketing expertise, community involvement, and exceptional care for those she works with.

Our Team

Tanya Wall

Executive Director

Rylee Collins

Farmers’ Market Manager

Born and raised in the Creston Valley like her parents and grandparents before her, Rylee is grateful to have grown up surrounded by fields, forests, and family. Following graduation, Rylee moved to Victoria, BC, where she received her BSc in Geography from the University of Victoria. After traveling through northern Europe studying sustainable urban design and public spaces, Rylee was compelled to return home and took on the role of manager for the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market in 2018. She is pleased to have helped lead the market through a number of successes including Creston’s largest market to date (63 vendors!), our first evening markets, and most recently, an imminent relocation to “Market Park”. Rylee has returned to the market for the remainder of the 2023 season following time at home (…or at the wildlife centre, on the river, up the mountain, or in the park) with her two young children.

Nicole Day

Harvest Share Manager

Nicole comes from a small town, surrounded by agriculture. Roadside stands and Farmers’ Markets are very nostalgic to her. As she traveled the world and lived in different Canadian provinces, she developed a passion for fresh, healthy, and sustainable food. She grew even more invested in artisan work and can be consistently found in new creative projects. Nicole and her husband are currently living out their acreage dream in Sanca, with fruit trees and the desire to expand their own artisan and hobby farm endeavors.

Our Story

The Creston Valley Food Action Coalition, initiator of the Harvest Share Program and provider of the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market, was originally formed in 2008 out of a desire to feed hungry children as identified by a local school principal.

The first board put much of their time into building the society and implemented a variety of local events to gain exposure. The motto: “Let’s Grow, Let’s Eat, Let’s Share” paved the path for the community to learn about their local farmers and to assist individuals in need. 

“Let’s Grow” was dedicated to supporting the development of a sustainable food system; one where local food may be produced and harvested in a manner that maintains and enhances the quality of land, air, and water for future generations. 

“Let’s Eat” was the promise to work and promote the accessibility and consumption of locally grown foods to strengthen the community’s economic, environmental, social, and physical wellbeing.

“Let’s Share” was the commitment to the development of a secure food system where all people at all times have an adequate quantity and quality of culturally and personally acceptable food. 

From the beginning to this day, the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition works with a variety of local partners to continue Growing, Eating, and Sharing sustainably, responsibly, and unsparingly.


Head Office

The CVFAC shares an office space, and works very closely with Fields Forward Society.

Fields Forward Society

The Fields Forward Society is a non-profit organization devoted to the development of a vibrant local agri-food system that sustains the community’s environmental, and economic values.

Fields Forward promotes the development of food production in the Kootenays, careers in the food and farm sector, and access to healthy local foods.